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Finally, an Easy Sleep

30 Mar

Hi folks,

Hope this finds you well. I’m happy, because after weeks under siege, the scaffolding finally came off of our house today, and boy is it a relief. Not just because it heralds an end to the building work that’s been going on for what feels like an age, but because I didn’t sleep so easy whilst the outside of the house was covered in metal. Whilst logically I know that if someone wants to break into my home they needn’t scale scaffolding to do it  – we’ve got ground floor windows after all – I did feel 

that the house was less secure whilst it was there. Many years ago, in a previous flat, I was broken into whilst on holiday by someone busting in through the roof, so that maybe explains why I don’t like the roof of the house being freely accessible to anyone who fancies doing a spot of climbing. 

And I’m clearly not the only one who thinks it’s a temptation – my insurance company were very interested, both in the work being carried out and particularly in the scaffolding and. Lots of questions about how high it was and whether the house would be alarmed whilst it was up. It was only because I’d recently switched home insurance that I even remembered to tell them, otherwise my hard-won and long overdue new policy could have been at risk. 

Here’s a sponsored guest link that tells you how to sort your house insurance without fuss. I’d back up the part about checking for exclusions – if I hadn’t recently renewed my home insurance I wouldn’t have thought to inform my insurer about the scaffolding, making any break-in whilst it was up ineligible for a claim.

So, whilst a weekend of clearing up after builders beckons, I’m just happy to have made it through the renovation work without any unwelcome visitors. Hope your weekend is a good one, whatever your plans.

And just for a spot of weekend fun, here’s a link to a post I did this week for Huffington Post UK. x

PS – In many Asian countries they use bamboo, not metal, for scaffolding. Who said Skint’s not instructive?


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