Skint Makes Huffington Post Front Page Today!

15 Nov

Well Skint chums, this morning’s going great so far – cos I’m delighted to have been Huff Post-ed! Yep, the Huffington Post, blog extraordinaire with about a gazillion daily readers and a power base roughly equal to Angela Merkel and Lady Gaga’s combined (but without the dodgy accessories), has today picked up a post by Skint and is running it on the front page of their site.

Cue much victory dancing and probably a wee slope off for celebration cake quite soon. See, the Huffington Post’s got a HUGE readership. Like, we could fit myself and all you lovely readers into the Huff Post’s little pinkie nail and still have room left over a giant Skint picnic in the sun. So I’m hoping that being featured on the Huff Post today will bring lots more lovely readers Skint’s way. 

You can read the post here  – front page of the Huff Post.

If you’re new to this site, having beamed in courtesy of the Huffington Post, welcome! Delighted to have you here. If you’d like to read more about the tireless quest to live the high life on a budget tighter than Kate Moss’ skinny jeans, please click the Follow Me button at the top right of the page and you’ll receive all the updates, but no nasty marketing stuff – cross my heart. 

Hope your day’s going really well.  See you soon. x


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