Make-Up Alley – My New Best Friend

20 Sep

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about what a money-eater make-up is. The cosmetics counter is where budgets go to die. You could leave work at five on Friday and have blown your whole month’s salary at the make-up counter by six. Factor in the occassional mistake – the powder that’s too orange when you get it home; the lipstick that’s just too dark for your skintone – and you’ve got budget meltdown on your hands.

That’s why I’m delighted to have found the fantastic Make-up Alley site with its genius swap board. You know how we all buy the wrong shade of foundation sometimes, except we don’t know it’s the wrong shade till we’ve opened it, which then means it can’t go back to the store? Makeupalley lets you swap those cock-ups with someone who really, really wants a tube of orange foundation. The swap section is hugely busy, which means there’s tons of choice. Just imagine offloading your old glitter nail varnishes for a nice Rouge Noir . . .  I’ll be hauling my spare make-up bag (the one that houses all my bad buys) out of the cupboard tonight.

Another great feature on Make-Up alley is their wishlist, where you can send out a Wanted alert for much-loved cosmetics that have now been discontinued, in the hope they’re lurking unopened in someone else’s cupboard.

The site also gives great, balanced product reviews  and interesting discussion threads, full of  tips. I just got sucked into a thread started by a woman with a big spot on her chin and a wedding in two days time. Advice was flooding in from around the world. You can bet she won’t turn up at that wedding looking bad!

In the next post I’ll list where Skint thinks you can save on make-up and where it’s worth the splurge. Meantime, what’s your much-loved, discontinued make-up item? Isn’t it a bummer when cosmetic companies do that?   

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