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29 Aug

In my last hair post I shared the triumphant tale of how I’d managed to stretch out my time between salon visits to eleven weeks. Triumphant because I’d saved some cash, not because my hair was looking particularly spectacular by the end of the salon-fast. Still, salon prices being what they are it’s good to have a few tricks up the sleeve to rein in the spend.

And for many Skint girls the big budget-blaster isn’t haircuts but colour. All those chemicals don’t come cheap but many of us – myself included – consider colouring their hair to be just about as essential as wine and coffee (whaddya mean they’re not essential? You shouldn’t even be reading this.)

But all those touch-ups, highlights, lowlights and slices can punch a great big hole in the monthly budget. A hole big enough for your whole month’s plans to all fall down. Here then is Skint’s guide to saving money on hair colour, without ending up looking like Cruella Deville.

DIY Touch-ups: Now, Skint doesn’t age and tell, but I don’t mind letting you know that a grey hair or six has forced its way into my life over the last couple of years. Regular root touch-ups are now just part of my routine – till I started looking at how much they cost. Ooh-yah. But without running back to the salon every three or four weeks for touch-ups what a girl to do? Do it yourself. Ask your stylist if you can have some of the colour she uses to take home with you . Some will say yes, some won’t, but it’s worth a shot, because it’s the best match you’re going to get. If she refuses, your other option is an over-the-counter kit. Having tried a few, I’ve found Loreal’s root touch up kit to be the best.

Wash your hair less: Hmm, sounds slightly scuzzy, I know, but there’s no doubt that washing fades your colour. So if you can discipline yourself not to automatically reach for the shampoo bottle every single morning you’ll be repaid by seeing your colour say vibrant for longer. Less hassle too, frankly.

Use colour shampoo: I used to think colour protection shampoo was a gimmick. Not any more. Having conducted various experiments in near laboratory conditions (ie the shower) I definitely notice that my colour stay better when I use a colour shampooo. Worth the spend in order to save on salon visits.

Cover up in the sun: The other thing that fades colour fast is exposure to sunlight. When I returned from camping in France earlier this summer I’d to practically sprint to the hairdressers to nix the  crazy tiger look, where my ends were about twelve shades lighter than my roots. If you’re on holiday, always wear a sunhat. At home where straw boaters are only permissible if you’re going punting, you can buy a range of sprays designed to block suns rays from getting to your hair. Like colour shampoo, it’s worth investing in if it cuts down on touch-ups.

Be a salon floozy: Some of us would rather ditch our best pals than our hairdressers, but for those more fickle sorts, there are more and more salon deals to be found on the likes of Groupon and Wahanda. If you’re brave, or were looking to change stylists anyway, these deals can be phenomenally cheap.

Do you have any more tips for saving cash on colour? Share them by leaving a comment below. 

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2 Responses to “Save on Salon Colour – Skint Style”

  1. Susan Campbell August 29, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    This will not be for everyone, but I save money on my cut and colour by going to a salon which is a training school for hairdressers. The students work is overseen by an experienced and competent hairdresser who often finishes off the cut and always checks the colouring process.

    I’ve never had a bad experience yet and it costs around a third of usual salon prices. Do your homework first though and make sure you are happy with the salon you choose – internet reviews etc. I go out of my way to a salon that my friend recommended as her hair is always so lovely. Susan

    • skintinthecity August 30, 2011 at 11:05 am #

      I totally agree Susan. I’ve used trainee hairdressers too and never had a bad experience. Only thing I’ve found is that it generally takes a bit longer than with an experienced hairdresser but it’s a good chance to do a pile of reading!

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