Welcome, Skint Girls!

23 Aug

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! To all of the lovely readers who have joined our little Skint hub, it’s great to have you here. See, it’s been busy at chez Skint over the last week or so. After blogging last week about the rumoured return of Sex and the City, Skint’s comments made the New York Post magazine’s site as well as many UK sites, which has brought a host of new subscribers. (Wonder what the collective noun for a group of Skint girls is? A pride? A pride of Skint girls – it’s got a nice ring.) 

Whether you’re following Skint via subscription, Facebook or Twitter, it’s great to have you with us, new girls. And don’t worry, there are no initiation rituals. No heads down the toilet, no being forced to eat twelve pizzas in a row. We’re a friendly sort round here. It’s all about sharing the best tips and deals around: finding creative ways to live the high life – even if your budget’s tighter than your skinny jeans. Please leave your own tips and comments any time by clicking the comments box which appears at the end of every post. If you know something great, please share the love.

And if you’ve got any Skint pals who might like the site, do let them know. It’s great to have you on board.

The next post looks at how to save money on salon colour – skint style. See you then.


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