How to Save on Haircuts

20 Aug

Yikes. Feeling a little skinter than usual right now folks, after blowing the budget and then some at the hairdressers.

I love my hairdresser but like many city centre stylists, she ain’t cheap. Still, I’m choosing to stick with her rather than go to a cheaper, local salon, which means the only way to slice the bills is to stretch the time between visits. BCC – before credit crunch – I’d get my hair cut and coloured every six or seven weeks. Now? Well, I’d just hit the eleven week mark before I could take it no more and practically ran to the hairdressers this afternoon begging for help. Still, eleven weeks is the most I’ve managed between salon visits since I was about 18 and embracing hippy chic. Back then I think I went three years – you can only imagine the ‘style’ I was rocking.

Shock your friends at how long you can go between cuts!

Here’s how I managed to stretch the time between cuts this time round.

Keeping calm and carrying on: We’re basically programmed by the beauty industry to get a cut every six to eight weeks. We’re warned of the disasters that will befall us if we don’t: split ends, lopsided fringes, and all-round ugliness of Quasimodo proportions. Know what? It doesn’t happen. A great cut can last three months. Skint has been delighted to read in the media recently about the rise and rise of the ‘lob’ ie the long bob.  Terrible name but great news for skint girls because the bob is the very best style when you’re trying to stretch time between hairdresser visits.  

Lob aside, here are the other ways I managed to extend time between re-styles:

Request a free trim: Just about any hairdressers will do a free fringe trim between your salon visits, meaning you can extend the life of your cut by about a month. This time round I actually got two fringe trims. Takes two minutes, I tip, everybody’s happy.

Backcomb: when the extra weight from my longer hair started to drag down my style, backcombing the roots worked wonders. just be sure only to do the roots and to smooth over the top layers unless you actually dig the Russell Brand look.

Ditch the Heat: Hairdryers and straighteners are bitches on the hair, leading to split ends which lead in turn to more salon visits. Laying off the straighteners except on special occasions and letting hair part-dry itself in the mornings makes a massive difference to the condition. I’m also a convert to the more relaxed,  less ‘done’, look it gives.  

She maybe waited a little too long . . .

Dust-it: When even backcombing fails, this little tub of fairy dust is the business. A celeb secret till recently it’s now available to us all. A shake or two at the roots gives volume like you wouldn’t believe, transforming longer locks into a Cheryl Cole mane and keeping the hairdresser at bay for another week or two.

Tie it: In the last week or two, an up-do was my saviour. Teamed with some vintage clips it got me through those final shaggy days.

I also stretched time between getting my colour redone – that was way tougher. I’ll blog about that next time.  Meanwhile I’m off to shake my head in front of the mirror and generally act like I just stepped out of a salon.

How long could go you between haircuts?

Till next time, peeps.



3 Responses to “How to Save on Haircuts”

  1. Sicilian boat girl August 22, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    I just found out about this website. Wow! I adore it.
    Does anyone know how to bag one that skint necklace?

    • skintinthecity August 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

      Thanks! Delighted to have you here. I had the Skint necklace made for me but have been thinking of offering one as a reader giveaway soon – you’ve just made up my mind to do so. Stay tuned!


  1. Save on Salon Colour – Skint Style « Skint in the City - August 29, 2011

    […] In my last hair post I shared the triumphant tale of how I’d managed to stretch out my time between salon visits to eleven weeks. Triumphant because I’d saved some cash, not because my hair was looking particularly spectacular by the end of the salon-fast. Still, salon prices being what they are it’s good to have a few tricks up the sleeve to rein in the spend. […]

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