The September Issues – and their Deals

2 Aug

In the crazy mixed-up world that is magazine publishing, the September issues of all the glossies go on sale this week, ie the start of August. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, they’ve got some lovely treats in store for us this month, so we’ll forgive them for messing with out heads.

Fashionistas know that September’s magazines are the biggest of the year, packed full of predictions for what’s going to be hot style-wise this autumn and winter. And with so much competition around, they’re all vying for our sales this month – meaning great deals for skint girls. Elle goes on sale tomorrow, and on the cover you’ll find a Mavala nail varnish, free. The varnish normally retails at £4.10, and the colours available are red, coral or the ever-so-fashionable grey. With Elle costing £3.80 it’s worth taking a look. In fact, nail varnish freebies are becoming such a staple on the glossies that skint girls could go the whole of their lives without ever paying for another bottle.

Red magazine is offering a free full-size bottle of Balance Me body wash, normally retailing at £8. Red costs £2.80 so that’s quite a bargain in Skint’s book. Red’s website is also currently offering readers £10 off of any £60 spend at flash sale site Achica. Skint profiled Achica as part of our flash sale site post in May. Flash sales often discount luxury brands by around 70% and this Achica deal covers home and garden furniture, bedlinen etc.   

Over at Vogue, their legendary September issue also has a freebie, the first in the magazine’s almost 100-year history. Normally the Vogue September issue flies out of the shops – hell, they even made a film about it – prompting Skint to wonder why they need to give us extra enticement this year. Things not quite what they used to be? So, they’re giving away a DVD of ‘the season’s must-know trends’ which apparently include androgyny and tartan. Vogue  – you gotta have it, don’t you? If only to remind yourself what you can’t afford – and what you’d never waste money on, even if you could. It is a good way to cram up on all the autumn/winter trends, then find your own creative ways to bag their high-end style for a fraction of the price.


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