How I’m Slashing Bank Holiday Train Fares

12 Apr

There's nothing more romantic than a clinch on the platform . . .

What with the recent sunshine and a bonanza number of bank holidays this month, Skint’s thoughts are turning to travel. All the extra days off in April are the perfect opportunity to check out some new cities across the UK, catching up with friends.

This month I’m letting the train take the strain, because I’ve discovered a sneaky way to slash the price of train travel.

Split Ticketing is perfectly legal and so simple I can’t believe we’re not all doing it. Basically instead of buying one ticket for your whole journey you buy separate tickets for each of its consituent parts. You still catch the same train at the same time and that train stops in exactly the same places, but you hold two separate tickets and save yourself a bundle. 

For example, you want to travel from A to C. Now, before I discovered split ticketing I’d have gone online and booked a ticket straight through. If the train stops at B however, you might find it works out much cheaper to buy two tickets: one from A to B, then a second from B to C. It’s amazine the money you can save. Here’s an example:

A Manchester to Edinburgh ticket costs £150. The train stops at York. By split ticketing, buying one from Manchester to York, then another from York to Edinburgh the total cost is £92.20, meaning a whopping saving of £54.80! Let me stress again, skint pals, you needn’t get off the train, change trains or put yourself to any other uneccessary hassle – it’s simply a quirk of the great mess that is the British train ticketing system! So, sit back, relax, and put the money you’ve spend towards buying something fabulous when you reach your destination. Selective austerity – dontcha love it?  

Think they do split tickets on the Orient Express?

It’s quite possible to work out the best split ticket deals for yourself – after finding out the standard through-ticket price for your journey,  just find out where the train stops on your intended route and see if you can get the constituent parts cheaper than the whole. However, as with everything on the web, there are sites that will do the hard work for you.

Here’s one and here’s another – bon voyage!


What you thinking? Go on and tell me!

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