Shopping Direct from the USA – SATC Style at Skint in the City prices

9 Feb

What with the weak dollar and the great clothes bargains to be had in the States, there’s many a skint UK girl who wishes she could grab herself some of Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan style by shopping direct from the USA. The problem? Many US sellers’ won’t post goods to Britain, either because they only deal in dollars or just consider if a faff to ship across the Pond. Do we let that put us off? Do we let such trivialities halt our quest for the best of global style? No sirree – smart skint girls just pull out their secret weapon: package forwarding services.  Services like set you up with your own US address, then forward items to you quicker than you can say I’ll-take-that-in-red. There is a charge of course: the basic cost for a account right now is $10 to set up a standard account, with postage charged separately. Given that purchases from the States can be so much cheaper, Skint thinks this is ten bucks well spent.

When ordering clothing from the States, remember the size differences: US clothes are usually two sizes down from UK ones, so if you’re a  UK 12 you’ll be ordering your party frocks from the US in a size 8  – bonus! Meanwhile,  shoes are 2.5 sizes larger in the US, so if you’re a UK size 5 you need to buy your killer heels in a 7.5. Happy hunting!

Von Teese style, von tiny prices - if you buy direct from the States


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