Go On – Shop with a Stranger Today . . .

24 Jan

Never talk to strangers – that’s what your mother told you and usually mums are right about everything. But Skint is loving the new money-saving craze which makes it okay to talk to strangers and to shop with them too. Group buying harnesses crowd power to bulk buy discounts at major restaurants, stores and salons – then emails the discounts direct to you.  Here’s how it works: once you get an email with an offer you can choose to accept or ignore it. If enough people accept then you’re in luck – Skint recently received an email offering a £135 haircut and colour for just £45. If not enough people sign up the offer gets cancelled (but you don’t get charged, obviously). Want to know more? A good place to start is with the daddy of them all Groupon.  Check it out, sign up, then wait for offers to pop up in your inbox. Here are Skint’s tips for sharing in style: 

  • Be choosy: some of the deals sound so amazing you’ll want to buy them all. Think carefully though: as with sales shopping, stop for a moment and think about whether it’s really something you need/love.
  • Recommend a friend: Most sites offer an incentive for forwarding to a friend – you might receive money off the deal you’ve just bought or credits towards a future purchase.
  • Read the small print: Some of offers need to be taken at specific times eg weekdays, so be careful to check out any restrictions before you buy.

 Groupon aside, here are some other goodies:

Wahanda – Focuses on spa deals, gym and salon deals – Skint feels a girls day out coming on!

Wowcher – With the focus on learning something new, there are tons of classes and courses at discounted prices – perfect for those New Year’s resolutions.

The Daily Chic, set up by former Apprentice winner, Michelle Dewberry, this site shares the highlights from other group buying sites – useful if you don’t want loads of different emails every day.


Carrie could have got these cheaper at Groupon . . .


2 Responses to “Go On – Shop with a Stranger Today . . .”


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