In Praise of . . . Holding Your Nerve

21 Dec

Snapping up hot gig tickets, catching Lanvin’s collection for H& M . . .  there are many things best done early. However, when it comes to the festive season, the gods of fortune reward those girls who can look Christmas panic in the eye and give a big old belly laugh.

Not for smart girls the early December madness of out-of-town arcades. We know that this is the week to shop. Half price crackers, Christmas decorations for a song, high street sales now on: it’s a cut-price paradise out there. So if you held your nerve till this week then congratulations; come take your rightful place in the Skint in the City Hall of Fame.

Here’s a round up of the best last-minute bargains around this week:

The Fizzy Stuff: Tesco has £10 Andre Carpentier Champagne in-store until 25 Dec, was £24.

Music: Online music store CD Wow has a “Why wait until Boxing Day?” sale on. The sale ends Christmas Eve. Sale items start at £3.49 and delivery is free on everything.Party Frocks: Oasis’ sale has started already, so if you’re after some little glittery things to brighten your festive nights, get down there and grab yourself a bargain. Up to 50% off online and in stores. Skint in the City likes these purple gem bow ballerinas (below), reduced to £15 from £28.   

If you cracked early, fear not. The week before Christmas is still a terrific time to pick up last-minute gifts or to squirrel away some cards and decorations for next year. Oh, and with all the money you’ll be saving it would be Scrooge-like not to check out the half-price party frocks. . .

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.  

They won't keep your feet warm, but they sure look pretty . . .


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