Where to splurge: Ten key pieces that every girl needs

14 Dec

I’ve been thinking this week: if I really had to pare my wardrobe right down to the bones, what would I keep? I decided to limit myself to ten. Here’s what I chose: 

Stand out from the office herd in a pair of tuxedo trousers

1: A pair of great black trousers. Dress trousers (the ones with a satin strip down the side, designed to be worn with a tux) are particularly good, I think. They stand out at the office without being too out-there, they’re great for evening too and they’re easily available in vintage stores.

2: A good quality black polo-neck

  • 3: A denim mini – the skirt that keeps on giving, all year round
  • 4: A black or dark green blazer to take you from the office to a club
  • 5: A great white shirt
  • 6: A zinging bright trenchcoat

7: Good shoes – cheap is fine for nights out but for work I buy the best I can. I’ve been wearing some of my good leather shoes for five years, properly looked-after, ie polished, soled and heeled.

  • 8: An LCD – otherwise known as the little coloured dress. Style on a budget is about making a statement, not blending into the background, so I’ve chosen to ditch the ubiquitous black

    Take That, little black dress!

    sleeveless shift, and go for a pop of colour. Fuchsia is my choice, worn with matching tights and nude or grey chunky-soled high shoes. 

  • 9: A beautiful cashmere jersey in the colour of your choice. These are bountiful in vintage stores because they last for ever if properly treated.
  • 10: A good leather bag in black, brown or nude.

 And that’s it. Ten key pieces which can be combined in so many ways. What’s your top ten?


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