Staying Stylish in the Snow – The Inside Track

5 Dec

Baby, it’s still damned cold outside. Icy, in fact. And while I blogged earlier in the week about how to stay both cosy and stylish with your outerwear, I’m feeling it’s time to get onto the inside track now. After all it’s all very well looking glamourous in your vintage (fake) fur, but what’s going on underneath? In wintertime, being skint in the city brings its own particular set of challenges. Unlike our country cousins, it’s not enough for city girls to pile on the woolies and pull on the wellies. We need clothes to take us from street to office to dinner – here’s how Skint in the City likes to do it:

1: Thermals – We know, it’s not a word that evokes Hollywood glamour but here at Skint we believe in getting the basics right, and that means good, warm underwear which allows you to go glamourous on top. Thermal underwear has improved a zillion-fold in recent years: the model here is wearing a lace trim thermal camisole from M & S – did you ever think you’d see those words snuggling together in the same sentence?  The great thing about thermals is that they allow you to get away with a thinner top – even a blouse – and still be cosy.

2: Layers – Not the sort that make you look like the Michelin Man of course; instead think  fine-knit jerseys over your slim-fitting thermals. The very warmest, and most stylish layers are cashmere and wool. Raid your local vintage shop for some quality cashmere or check out M & S. Knitwear needn’t be boring either. This embellished jumper from Topshop is the latest addition to the Skint wardrobe. It’d good value, stylish and super-cosy as it’s 100% wool.

3: Opaque tights and leggings – The legs have it in winter time. Coloured tights are all the rage right now and by choosing a thick denier pair of tights or a pair of leggings you can keep wearing mini skirts and shorts throughout the winter. Tights or leggings, boots and a mini or shorts is a terrific winter look.

4: Colour is the new black: What is it about winter that makes everyone pull out their mourning clothes? A good pair of opaque black tights is fine, as is a black turtleneck for that Audrey Hepburn, beatnik from Funny Face look, but do yourself a sartorial favour and mix the black with some pops of colour. Most of us are so pale in winter that head-to-toe black makes us look like Morticia Adams. A bit of colour and frivolity will lift your mood – try vintage cardis in sweetie-shop brights and coloured tights instead of black. 


What you thinking? Go on and tell me!

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