Staying Stylish in the Snow – The Outer Stuff

30 Nov

The UK is buried under inches of snow. Schools are closed, motorways turned into car parks, and even the most stylish of us are trudging to work in walking boots and thermals. It got me wondering: is there any point in even trying to look stylish in the snow, or should you just give up at this time of year, accept that your mascara’s bound to run and that no blow dry is a match for the dreaded Hat Hair?

This morning I left the car buried and walked instead and that’s when I saw a girl wearing the most delicious pair of glittery wellies. I didn’t have my camera on me, but I’ve tracked down these honeys, below, fromVintage Clobber – they’re enough to make me wish for snow till Christmas.

 And with them what could be better than a bit of fake fur? Or the real thing, if that’s your preference, but I’ve always found plenty of terrific fake stuff in vintage shops. If the real thing is your bag you may need to look no further than granny’s wardrobe – they really knew how to do stylish winter dressing back in the day. 

Most of my coats are vintage, mainly because new ones cost a bomb. New, quality ones I mean. Sure you can get a new coat for £40 in some supermarkets and high street stores but they’re no more likely to keep out the cold than wrapping yourself in a giant dishcloth. For proper frost-proofing at a price I can afford I always turn to seconshand and vintage stores, where there’s a huge selection of second (or third) generation winter warmers. Be it suede, fur, sheepskin, I find that old coats are the cosiest and the most stylish. Bring it up to date with a modern belt if you like, or a great brooch on the lapel, or just leave it be and enjoy your retro fashion moment. Capes are all the rage this winter too and they score high for skint, stylish girls because as well as usually being made of super-warm fabrics like tweed and wool they’re also widely available secondhand, both in vintage and charity shops.

Here’s some winter inspiration from the SATC girls. I do think Carrie’s outfit is a bit much for normal city-girl tasks like trudging to the office, but Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have got it just right here. Skint loves how Charlotte’s accessories – a great brooch and an over-the-top bag – inject glamour into a black coat.


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