Cloth Kits: My Latest Love

23 Nov

I met a friend for a drink last night and before we even sat down I was cooing over her skirt. A funky red A-line with the cutest picture of a little bird on the front.  Isn’t it delicious?

When my pal told me it was from Cloth Kits I had to admit I’d never heard of them but when I learned that they send you the material, pattern, zip and everything you need to whip up the skirt by yourself, I was keen to give it a go. A designer-looking skirt for do-it-yourself prices? Sounds like a skint in the city dream!  

The Cloth Kits site is packed full of cute vintage fabrics, great print skirts and a fantastic haberdashery range, with lots of bits and pieces for customising.  

This morning I’ve been lusting after their photo print skirt. Talk about a conversation piece! I like the way they’ve accessorised it in this photo, below, too.

Cloth Kits were big in the 70s and, just like holiday camps, platforms and fondue, are now apparently enjoying a fabulous revival. Actually, a fondue night with pals sounds a pretty good way to warm up a skint November evening. I think I’ll wear this skirt with some plaform boots and a skinny rib polo neck to complete the seventies vibe.


PS: Haven’t been paid or perk’d to write this post – just wanted to share the Cloth kits love.


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