Why I’m a Fashion Magpie

15 Nov
‘I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.’ Carrie Bradshaw
That’s what Carrie Bradshaw said when she realised that, although too skint to buy an apartment, the ssstimated value of her shoe collection totalled $40,000.  No way, Bradshaw! Though skint in the city girls are glamorous by nature and determined to stay that way, wasting that sort of cash on shoes is no longer an option for mere mortals – if it ever was. Tough times call for creative measures, learning ways to make ourselves look a million dollars on the salaries we’ve got.
Even with a budget tighter than my skinny jeans, dressing for less needn’t mean dressing like a sad sack.
Creativity and confidence are the hardest-working accessories skint in the city girls have got. We don’t let lack of cash limit us in the style stakes. We just find ways to revitalise what we already own and learn tricks to cut back on clothes bills without cutting back on style.
Inspiration can be found anywhere: from fashion websites to favourite TV programmes. Sex and the City isn’t a bad place to start, of course. From Charlotte’s preppy pearls and cashmere style, to Miranda’s no-nonsense, office-with-an-attitude, there’s a lot to be learnt from checking out how other people hone their signature styles. Guys’ clothes can be just as inspiring, from the art school-luxe of the yound Bryan Ferry to the offbeat style of Johnny Depp.
Here are my favourite places to hone my magpie eyes: 



  • Art schools – when I want to know what the next big trend will be, I check out the art school kids, because it usually starts with them.
  • Markets – ever since high school, the coolest girls have always been found hanging out at the market on Saturday afternoons. Vintage & craft sales – all over the country these are growing in popularity and are a treasure trove of brilliant ideas.
  • Films and TV: From the magnificent style of the SATC girls to the old-time glamour of Ava Gardiner, smart girls make sure that they swallow style tips as well as the plot when watching the box. 
  • Right here online: Skint in the City likes www.stylescout.blogspot.com

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