Skint in the City: Bagging Carrie Bradshaw’s Life on a Shoestring Budget

9 Nov

Hello blogosphere, bloggers and blog-ees! I’m skint, I’m living in the city, and I’m finding that the urban life comes at quite a price. Temptation is everywhere here: in the department store that flashes its cosmetics like candy; in the lunchtime deli that swallows my salary in a couple of greedy gulps.

 So what’s to be done? In spite of the recession and a dwindling bank balance I still want all the pleasures that the city has to offer: hanging out in the hottest places, bagging the latest styles and cocktails and nights on the tiles. Not easy on a credit-crunch budget, but I’m on a mission to prove it’s possible. 

In this site I’ll be sharing my efforts to live like a million dollars on a less-than-wonderful wage. From trying to feather my nest for free to grabbing the luxe look for less, this blog is where I’ll share my adventures – and hopefully some tips and inspiration – in riding out the recession with style.    


What you thinking? Go on and tell me!

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